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callistra netpresent and netpresent conference edition(Datasheet PDF)

callistra - remote presentation and phone conferencing.
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Here is a listing of the unbeatable features of callistra:

callistra netpresent
With callistra you can guide your conversation partner through a presentation on the telephone and in addition to your current screen content transmitted.
You import your presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint to callistra netpresent. Any time you can spontaneously lead your conversation partner to your personal callistra webpage and show immediately your presentation.
Your conversation partner always sees the current content.
So easy to convince your conversation partner!

  • For netpresent there is no installation required on the subscriber site, 100% HTML based, no problems with firewalls at the subscriber site
  • Netpresent is for the subscriber platform and operating system independent, also works with Mac and Linux
  • Truly user-friendly, as simple as taking the lift or using the phone
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